About us

One2One Listening Space has been developed in response to the need for people to have time and space to be listened to.

A coffee shop in one of Preston’s city centre churches, serving over 1000 people a week, conducted research in 2013, which showed that the main thing people wanted to support them in their, often busy and confused lives, was to spend time with other people, and being listened to.

A development group has worked together since 2013. The group have used the support and Active Listening training provided by Acorn Christian Healing, to explore options for a Listening service, and will be ready to launch the service in September 2016, in city centre Preston.

One2One Listening Space has:

  • trained 75 people in Effective Listening skills
  • trained 18 people in Advanced Listening skills
  • secured a space at Central Methodist Church, Lune Street, Preston, to start Listening Spaces in September 2016
  • trained 3 tutors to support the ongoing needs of volunteer Listeners for the project, plus, training people to be better listeners in their workplace

One2One Listening location map