What is it?

One2One Listening is a free listening service where people can speak to a trained listener for up to 50 minutes about anything that is on their mind.  Active reflective listening skills are used to encourage people to talk and to find their own way forward.  Listeners do not offer advise, they don’t interrupt and they do not judge.

Who is it for?

Anyone over 18 who wants someone to talk to.

Is it confidential?

In most cases it is absolutely confidential.  However, there are circumstances where we are required by law to pass information on to a third party.  We make all visitors to One2One aware of this at the start of each listening session.

Who are the listeners at One2One?

Listeners are volunteers who are giving their time to listen to others.  All listeners have completed 3 courses of listening training and have reached the level of a Professional Volunteer Listener as recognised by Acorn Healing Foundation.  All listeners have been recruited and trained to best practice to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Why is listening so important?

It’s important because we live in a busy, noisy, hectic world where people are crying out ‘help no-one is listening to me.’ It’s important because people often struggle to find someone who will give them the time and space to really listen to them. It’s important because statistics show that talking therapies are beneficial to people’s health and well-being and can often prevent people from reaching crises but can also help in times of crisis.  It’s important because when people are listened to they feel respected, valued, loved, significant, empowered, helped and affirmed.

Where is One2One Listening?

At the moment listening spaces are offered in a quiet room in Central Methodist Church in Lune Street.  Listeners are available on Mondays from 11am-12noon and on Thursdays from 10.15am-1.15pm.  People can book using the online booking system, by phone or by dropping in on the days when One2One Listening is open.  There is a banner outside the church and there are signs showing people how to access the listening.  As people enter the building, there will be someone with a One2One badge in the Olive Grove Coffee Shop waiting to welcome them.  One2One Listening spaces may be offered in other venues in the future.

Do I have to be a Christian or go to church to access One2One Listening?

No. One2One Listening spaces are available to everyone and anyone.  There is no Christian content in the listening model used and faith or spiritual matters will not be part of the listening encounter unless they are raised by the speaker.

How is it different to counselling or The Samaritans?

Unlike the Samaritans, the listening will always be face to face, never over the telephone.  Also, the model of listening is different in that it will involve reflecting back the speakers own words and summarising what has been said.  The listening concludes with 3 set questions which enable the speaker to consider what they have shared and to reflect on how they might respond.   It isn’t counselling as the skills and tools of counselling aren’t used.  However signposting to other agencies, including counselling services, may be appropriate, if directed or requested by the speaker.

Can I volunteer at One2One Listening?

Yes.  There are a variety of volunteering roles within One2One Listening.  All volunteering roles require people to have completed at least the first listening course, Module 1 – Effective Listening Practice.  Other roles, particularly listeners are required to complete all 3 modules of listening.  Courses are frequently available and details can be found on the website or for more information about courses or volunteering opportunities you can contact us at on2onelistening.org.uk.