Effective Listening Practice (Module 1 – Introduction to Active Reflective Listening Skills)

This is a 5 hour course, delivered in either one day, or 2 half days, or 2 evening sessions

Listening sounds very ordinary, it’s something we do everyday, something we don’t think about very much.  But do we listen well?  Do we listen in a way that gives value, importance, understanding and respect to those around us?  

Listening is a gift we can offer in a variety of contexts including family, work place, support and care agencies, churches, hospitals, doctors surgeries.  When we listen well it can deepen relationships, build confidence, bring wholeness and deepen understanding.  ‘The gift of being a good listener, a gift which requires constant practice, is perhaps the most healing gift anyone can possess’ (Gerard Hughes)

This first module of listening introduces participants to the importance of listening, teaches active reflective listening skills using the Acorn model and gives the opportunity to practice the skills with others.  We also consider the importance of listening to ourselves.  

Course participants have said ‘I would recommend this course to others as listening is a skill some people have forgotten how to use.’ ‘The skills learnt will make me listen better to my family.’

Cost – £35. Includes workbook and refreshments

Applied Effective Listening Practice (Module 2)

5 hour course, delivered in either one day, or two half days, or 2 evening sessions. Module 1 must have been completed before taking part in module 2.

This course builds on the active reflective listening skills learnt in module 1 and introduces the full mirroring method of listening which has been clinically endorsed in a hospital environment by Leeds University.  In module 2 we explore how this Acorn model of listening serves others, how it can be used in many contexts and how we can develop our skills and use them more widely.  There are also opportunities to practice the skills with others.

Course participants have said ‘this course encouraged me to listen more carefully.’ ‘This course provides valuable skills for working with/helping others.’

Cost – £35 Includes work book and refreshments

Professional Volunteer Listening (Module 3)

7 and half hour course, delivered over 2 days. Modules 1 & 2, must have been completed before taking part in module 3.

The final module in the listening pathway helps participants to continue to learn and practice the full mirroring model of listening.  We also explore the limits of when and where to listen, how to signpost people who may need further support and also how listening is part of healing and wholeness.  We also discover and reflect upon the importance of listening to ourselves, especially when we are listening to and caring for others.

Course participants have said ‘Absolutely recommend this course to others.  It was good to have a session about caring for self and looking at own feelings, as it’s important to be self-aware when listening.’ ‘In a school, staff and pupils are on the go all the time and having the training to listen to others would be an asset’ 

Cost – £60, Includes work books and refreshments

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